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Chocolate Table Linens Looking for CHOCOLATE TABLECLOTHS, if so, you've found the right place. We have what your looking for in chocolate table linens, 100% visa / damask polyester, stain-resistant and wrinkle free, very popular choice for weddings.   How to Order

Table Linen Care

Tablecloth Care for Weddings, Banquets, Restaurants, Hotels, and Events.

The table linen colors do not fade, even after dozens of individual washings, and are wrinkle resistant and stain resistant.

Tablecloths can be laundered using home washing machines and dryers. Wash them with like colors in cool water using regular detergent. White table linens can be bleached to remove stains and if stained, should be washed as soon as possible to prevent permanent stains. Remove table linens from the dryer while they are still warm in order to minimize wrinkles.

Do not dry the tablecloths in professional laundromat dryers, since most of them run too hot, drying temperatures in excess of 180F (Degrees Fahrenheit) can treat the cloth and create permanent wrinkles.

They are easy to wash, the water temperature should not be higher than 150F (Degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent the colors from fading. Do not wash polyester tablecloths together with cotton tablecloths, and wash different table linen colors separately, and only bleach the white table linens.

The temperature of ironing should not be higher than 320F (Degrees Fahrenheit).
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